About Daria

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I am a certified:

  • Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
  • Clinical Herbalist
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher

As for my psychic credentials, all I can offer is a life of continuous study and practice of all things spiritual.

My Story

Since I was a young child I was acutely aware of what I call “the invisible realm,” that part of reality which lies beyond the physical.  I often encountered non-physical beings, visitations from other-worldly intelligence and even deceased human beings.  I was always able to feel people’s emotions and intentions, and even see their past and future.  I became more and more aware of the karmic cycles that brought individuals to this specific point in their lives and the options they had before them.

I soon learned to keep this awareness to myself because I realized that most people are afraid of such phenomena and are often uncomfortable with anything remotely “paranormal.”

My path introduced me to many Eastern and Western spiritual practices, and through these practices I began to remember my past incarnations and to “download” some of the knowledge I once had into this life.  The veil between physical and non-physical realities was becoming less pronounced for me at this stage.  I could feel how our thoughts and our words create our daily lives, and I realized how important it is to live our lives consciously, in a state of openness and gratitude.  Living this way allowed me to live a fuller life that is less obstructed by fear and self-limiting delusions.

Through meditation and greater awareness I began to receive information about my own life as well as the lives of the people around me.  As my human consciousness expanded, joining with infinite awareness, I could feel spiritual masters passing their teachings through me so that I could assist others on their path.  There were times when I felt that there was simply no more room for expansion, for more knowledge, and yet each time I was proven wrong.  The stream of light energy I was connecting to penetrated my whole matrix, illuminating all of my insecurities and fears, leaving no place for even a tiny shadow to hide.  There is much work to be done in clearing the mass of collected patterns and beliefs, both from this lifetime and the ones that came before.  This process has no end, no shortcuts and no mercy, but at the end you can be a pure vessel for Spirit.

At some point my Spirit Helpers informed me that I need to begin doing psychic consultations in order to assist others on their journey of self-discovery.

Giving Back

When I first began this journey, I desperately needed answers.  There were people, teachers and also spirits who assisted me and provided the tools I needed.  Now I would like to give back and hold the space for those who are making their first steps on the journey toward a more conscious life.   It was a long journey to get to where I am, but I feel honored to be a bridge between the invisible realm and physical reality.


My goal is to help you not need me.  I want you to become independent and blossom in our own self-directed evolution.  This may not seem to be the most sound business strategy, but I believe in abundance and know that there is nothing to fear.