Do You Really Need a Psychic?

Psychics and mediums tend to see a lot of requests for help with clearing negative programs, psychic attacks, curses, and the like. What are these things, really? Let’s look at several possible explanations.

Much ado about nothing

The first, and by far the most prevalent, is the “self-inflicted” option. Typically, the affected person begins by attaching a negative description to an otherwise harmless external event. This feeds some quantity of energy to the situation, inflating it. This, in turn, creates drama that can drag on for some time, often culminating in a visit to a psychic. Should this psychic happen to have questionable ethics, they may confirm the client’s worst fears and suspicions, pushing his or her nervous system further into fight-of-flight mode. This is good for business, since the client will now be willing to pay any amount to remove the “problem”.

In most cases, all it would take to remove this self-induced “curse” is a bit of self-care. Examples are sitting with yourself, meditation, going for a walk, the smell of your favorite perfume, taking a bath, exercising. These actions are often sufficient to clear the aura and return it to a more harmonious state. Typically, there is no need for a professional, or any external help. Additionally, this approach restores self-reliance and personal responsibility.

The Sensitive

The second possibility is heightened sensitivity. Many people are so highly empathic that they perceive the states and moods of everyone around them. This can certainly be a gift, and it offers a sense of connectedness, but it can also be challenging, especially when people around us are going through their own difficult times. The aura of such a sensitive individual can be a bit more fragile and vulnerable.

This is not, however, a permanent condition. It is possible to retain the sensitivity while having a stronger auric field, feeling yet remaining unperturbed. Some time-tested practices to achieve this include qigong, pranayam, meditation, and even exercise.

The Dark Side

There is at least one other situation, and this one does call for a specialist. This is more common in Eastern Europe and certain parts of Asia, South America and Africa, simply because magical arts are still commonly practiced in those places even in modern times. There are practitioners who use these arts ethically, and there are those who do not. In my practice, I’ve had clients ask me to “magically” return their spouse or to take revenge on their business partner or romantic rival. My policy for such requests is a polite refusal and a gentle suggestion to see a psychotherapist. I know some practitioners who indeed do this type of work, with consequences for both parties.

If you are the target of a deliberate attack from a “dark” shaman, you would not just have a slight depression, or be in a bad mood for a day. You will indeed see that your life has gotten out of your control. Your family and pets might be getting ill one by one, even passing away. You will see a sequence of misfortunes and bad luck, one that can’t be traced back to your own actions. In this case it may very well be appropriate to see a specialist.

Deliberate attacks are rare. Most of us are simply swimming in a soup of everyday energy exchanges, interpreting them through our own lens, and, sometimes, making a big deal out of it.


First and foremost, our life is our own construct. We can blame our spouses, our circumstances, and even the pandemic for the problems that we experience, but that merely contributes to our own sense of powerlessness. If this perceptive system does not change, no amount of meditation and energy practices will bring about a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Every situation offers a lesson, and if we take this opportunity to grow through it, then we don’t have to suffer the endless karmic consequences, but instead can become wiser and more aware as life unfolds.