Current Offerings

Offerings for Challenging Times

In these times of uncertainty, we are all trying to prepare as well as we can. As a clinical herbalist, when I think of preparedness, first and foremost, I think of the immune system. There are numerous ways to maintain a strong immunity, be it through diet,  herbal medicine, breathing practices and even meditation. Every single thing we do, experience, and even think contributes to our ability to weather a storm. Each person is unique, and each will need something different to get back to a state of perfect strength and balance. 

I’d like to help you get back into that state of balance and be ready. If you are already unwell, it’s not too late.

For the duration of the present crisis I am lowering my rates for all video and phone sessions and introducing a modified sliding scale.  Nobody will be turned away. Consultations are not just about herbs or diet, they cover all aspects of your lifestyle. Now may be the best time to get healthy.

I am still offering my normal services, but the price for a 30 minute Herbal Consultation will be a sliding scale from $15 to $40. I will also offer a free one-time consultation for those unable to afford this service at this time.

After the consultation, I can create and supply a customized herbal formula (at cost), or, in some cases, I can tell you where to get a ready-made formula yourself.