Intuitive Consultations

Intuitive Consultations (Psychic Readings)

As a psychic medium, I can feel what you are feeling and often thinking, how you are vibrating on the Soul level.  I dive deep into your being, letting your energy pass through me in order to find the Bright Light that you have been searching for within yourself, probably for many years in various external expressions.  I can see the various levels of obscurations that keep you from accessing your truth and your Light.  I use various techniques, many of them come from spiritual masters of various spiritual traditions and allow you to work with the physical, emotional and spiritual layers of your being.  

Although I will do my share of the work, there will be much for you to do as well if you are interested in making a lasting change.  This will require your commitment and willpower, since some of the practices I may suggest are challenging and some may even cause your body and mind to purge and go through cleansing.  No magic wand or pill can address your problems for you, instead it will take effort and trust. You must be ready to welcome change into your life!


Daria is available locally or remotely.  Please see the contact page for location and availability.

What Happens In A Session?

I do not use crystal balls or any strange or eclectic attributes.  I receive information directly from your higher self and your guides, and I tell you everything as I see it.  I do not judge and I do my best to make you feel understood.

Focus on the Physical

When it comes to healing, it’s not all about psychic mysteries.  If appropriate, I can help you on the physical level through intuitive lifestyle improvement strategies, including suggestions regarding nutrition and supplementation, conscious diet choices and physical exercise routines.  As a therapist, an herbalist, and a holistic nutrition enthusiast, I usually have a few things to say about physical well-being.  Many problems we experience do not require a magical explanation.

Focus on the Mind

The matters of the Mind are complex, often unnecessarily, and this is where many of our problems originate.  There are various techniques and practices to help us release tension and manage stress, so that we can see situations as opportunities for growth instead of seeing them as obstacles.  I can work with you on developing simple (and sometimes complex) methods including meditation, yoga and energy practices that work best for you.

Focus on the Spiritual

I will communicate everything that your Higher Self, your guides and your departed loved ones would like you to know at this time.  Sometimes it may be beneficial to look into your past lives and identify some of the tendencies that you may have had before this incarnation.  I often use various tools (drums, Tibetan bowls, candles), energy practices, breath and chanting techniques in order to help you clear your auric/energy field and the immediate energy blocks.


I provide sessions for couples, with the goal of finding the best resolution to conflict and finding ways to resume communication between partners and exploring practices or lifestyle adjustments that would benefit both of them individually and jointly.

What I do not do

Any lasting change in your life requires effort on your part.  I can provide information that you may not have access to at this time, but I cannot put it to use for you – this is something that you will have to do.  I will do my best to encourage you, but the work is yours and yours alone.  The best mindset to have when making use of psychic services is “Yes I can”.

Another thing I do not do is make you dependent.  The information I am here to give you should create the necessary impetus towards change, otherwise it is not useful.  I would rather have you walk out of a session and feel ready to be a new person than to return over and over with the same complaints.  If a client returns repeatedly it tells me that I am doing them a disservice.

Finally, I value honesty.  This means that I will tell you exactly what I am perceiving.  This may not be what some people would like to hear, especially if they are in denial about the causes of their issues.  Given the choice between facing the cause, however unpleasant, and continuing to place the blame elsewhere, which would you prefer?

What Questions may I ask?

You may ask any questions you like.  Meaningful questions will elicit meaningful answers.  You can ask me to guess your name, but frankly, that’s not the best use of my energy.  I can understand that you may want to test me, and there is nothing wrong with that, but you can make better use of the time you are paying for.  The best thing you can do is ask about something that is specific and real and then see if the answer feels right.  Here are some examples of the questions I face daily.

  • Will I be happy (soon)?”  The answer is generally “no”.   Technically, the answer is “it’s up to you”, but in most cases, someone that asks this question is unwilling to do anything to make themselves happy, so the answer is no.  Nobody can make you happy except you.  No psychic ability is required to answer such a question, and I’m not the “whatever you want to hear” kind of psychic.
  • I’ve been feeling something strange, here and here, ever since this and that event, and my life has taken a strange turn and there have been a series of events that I cannot explain.  What is this all about?”  This is a great question for a psychic, it is specific and is very likely to yield positive results.  Asking this question in the first place indicates some desire to investigate and hopefully resolve the situation.
  • I just feel terrible (in such and such way) no matter what I try to do about it.
    I have been ill for (so long), what is the cause and what can I do about it?”
    Why can’t I get (somewhere) in life?”  
    I can work with this by telling you where the root causes of your current situation lie.  Very often we mistake symptoms for the problem.  I can offer you lots of advice in specific and concrete steps.  Will you have the fortitude to follow through and make your life great again?
  • Can you help me talk to my (deceased) relative?”  That depends.  You are asking for a psychic mediumship.  Mediumship requires considerable energy on the part of the psychic, potentially affecting their health and well-being.  I reserve the right to say no if I feel that it would offer you no benefit.  Additionally, mediumship is not always possible.